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Like the name says, Construction Administrative Services, Inc. of Oklahoma takes care of the “administrative” side of construction services.  That is, the company tends to the necessary details, or the “nitty gritty” side, of construction projects (yes, there are people who like to do that).  Construction Administrative Services, Inc. of Oklahoma are here to help the Owner/Builder/Developer to stay informed so they can make quality decisions during the course of their project.  Staying on top of the administrative details and plans can make the difference between success and failure on a construction site.

Construction Administrative Services, Inc. of Oklahoma keeps clients informed.

CASIOK works well independently to communicate proactively.  Clients never have to wonder what’s going on with their projects as CASIOK uses their past construction manager jobs and construction administrative jobs as experience towards every new project.  As construction project administration experts, the number of services CASIOK can offer can greatly expand the effectiveness of your construction projects. Construction Administrative Services, Inc. of Oklahoma can perform on-site inspection services, watching for compliance with construction documents and applicable codes. CASIOK is experienced in all forms of construction administration to allow them to observe, monitor and report with photos, videos and daily written reports. CASIOK attends meetings for an exchange of information and updates and performs building code plan review prior to bidding in order to minimizing addendums as well as change orders.

CASIOK brings construction inspection services and administration from start to finish.

Construction Administration Services, Inc. of Oklahoma assists in creating construction budgets and watching for cost over-runs as well as waste. New construction inspection services ensure only quality work is performed. By taking a lead role in validating change orders and extra work, all projects CASIOK takes part in provide assurance to the client that the construction is sailing along smoothly and properly. To take the paperwork off client’s hands, CASIOK reviews contractor payment applications to keep costs in check. CASIOK also uses construction management to keep projects in line by assisting in creating construction schedules and looking ahead to identify delays and missed completion dates. In order to wrap things up, Construction Administrative Services, Inc. of Oklahoma takes over closing out the project to tie up any loose ends in the construction inspection services and contractor payment. Visitors to the website are invited to learn about CASIOK from customer testimonials and how the company may assist clients with construction projects - from pre-planning and new construction inspection to opening day. For service all over the Midwest, from St. Louis and Kansas City, Missouri to Dallas and Houston, Texas, Construction Administrative Services, Inc. of Oklahoma is read. Based out of Oklahoma in the Tulsa and Oklahoma City areas, but also serving neighboring communities such as Little Rock, Arkansas and beyond, CASIOK is thrilled to help Clients get the job done right every time. CASIOK President Paul. D. Gunderson would be more than happy to schedule an appointment to answer any questions and discuss particular construction administration and construction manager needs.

Paul D. Gunderson, CBO, CDT
Construction Administrative Services, Inc.

DEQ certified Class D Water Operator

Member ORWA


Certified Building Official (CBO)

Internationally recognized certification, administered by International Code Council (ICC). Obtained by testing, and working knowledge of building codes. Requires maintenance by continuing education.


Construction Documents Technician (CDT)

Nationally recognized certification, administered by Construction Specifications Institute (CSI). Obtained by testing, and knowledge of the Construction Documents process.


Certified Class D Water Operator

Nationally recognized certification, administered by Dept. of Environmental Quality (DEQ).  Obtained by testing and knowledge of public potable water systems and treatment.  Requires maintenance by continuing education.