CASIOK provides answers to frequently asked questions on construction administration.

Q:  What is Construction Administration?

A:  In its simplest form, construction administration is “the function of performing administrative tasks related to construction projects.”  Construction administration jobs require someone experienced in administrating the details of a construction project - a vital function that is often neglected or over-looked. Look into the company services for an expanded definition. Construction project administration combines the necessities in administration along with the overall plan for a construction project.


Q:  Aren’t these Administrative duties always taken care of by my General Contractor?

A:   No.  From day one, the General Contractor’s main goal in mind is “Get the job done in the quickest possible time, to make the most possible profit.”  That is not necessarily a bad thing, but the Owner’s best interests can easily take a back seat to making money along with the temptation to cut corners, unless the Owner has his own “Bird Dog” watching the project.


Q:  Aren’t these Administrative duties always taken care of by my Engineer or Architect?

A:   No.  Even though the Owner’s Design Professional wants the project to be done according to their Construction Documents (plans and specifications), they do not normally have a representative on the project site often enough to catch everything.


Also worth mentioning, there is no such thing as a perfect set of construction documents.  If there is an error or omission discovered in the design that deviates from the Owner’s objectives, the Design Professional may be reluctant to make the Owner aware of it.  An unbiased Construction Administrator can help keep the Owner informed.


Q:  What is the difference between Construction Administration and Construction Management?

A:   Although there is a fine line between a construction administrator and a construction manager, there is a line.  The Construction Manager (or CM) can assume more of a “directive” role on the construction project. Construction managers are similar to a General Contractor  - telling subcontractors and workers what to do and when.  Where the Construction Administrator (or CA) assumes more of a “reporting” role by taking photos, writing reports, performing inspections, attending meetings, reviewing submittals and RFI’s.


Q:   Can a CM and a CA be performed by the same company?

A:   Absolutely! CASIOK has seamlessly filled both roles on the same project.  Because we work directly for the Owner, there is never any conflict of interest.


Q:   Is the CA service expensive?

A:   Not when you consider that just one over-looked detail can cost the Owner thousands of dollars in schedules not met, costly change orders, or work to be redone, paid for at the Owner’s expense.  Feel free to contact our executive staff for a quote on your project.


Construction Administrative Services, Inc. of Oklahoma has an expansive service area.


Q: Is the services area of Construction Administrative Services, Inc. of Oklahoma limited to Oklahoma?

A: No, the company is simply Oklahoma based. The service area of Construction Administrative Services, Inc. of Oklahoma expands across the Midwest ranging from up in Missouri in St. Louis and Kansas City to as far South as Dallas and Houston, Texas. The company also provides services and work on projects in Oklahoma City as well as Tulsa, Oklahoma but are also able to handle work out into parts of Arkansas such as Little Rock. For additional information about Construction Administration Services, Inc. of Oklahoma, read through the customer testimonials and review the project gallery of past work.