Construction Inspection

CASI provides services in three major areas:


Although the three services are similar, they are separate functions.  Any or all of these services can be applied to most construction projects separately, or together and are available on a contract, daily, or hourly basis; full-time or part-time.

Construction inspection from CASIOK ensures a quality product every time.


Construction Inspection

CASIOK’s pre-screened Project Inspectors come to clients with 20+ years of professional experience.  When it comes to client construction projects, the Construction Administrative Services Inc. of Oklahoma take a no-nonsense approach.  The construction inspections and management specialists work well independently and protect your interest against deficiencies in the work.  As members of the American Construction Inspectors Association (ACIA), CASIOK’s Project Inspectors continue to “raise the bar” by acquiring the latest training and certifications.

Pre-construction inspections and building code reviews nail down quality and legality.

  • CASIOK establishes a presence early on by attending pre-bid and bid opening meetings as well as pre-construction meetings on-site. The project inspector should be as informed as the contractor performing the work.
  • CASIOK assists in the Contractor or Subcontractor selection process and checking references.
  • CASIOK assists in or developing invoicing and payment application procedures, including administration and tracking lien releases from contractor and subcontractors.

 During construction, CASIOK experts help implement their construction management plan.

  • The construction management experts from CASIOK establish a role and presence on the construction site as the Owner’s representative, or Registered Project Representative (RPR).
  • The CASIOK interact with the General Contractor’s on-site staff and attend to progress meetings and report minutes to Owner.
  • The CASIOK interact with the Owner’s engineers or architects and expedite contractor’s RFI’s (Request For Information) for further clarification and monitor the “as-built” drawing updates.
  • The CASIOK assists in the materials and methods submittal process.
  • CASIOK provides construction photos, videos and/or daily reports with weather conditions, personnel on-site, and work accomplished.
  • CASIOK observes, monitors, and reports to the owner any conflicts needing resolution.
  • CASIOK analyzes proposed change orders from contractor or subcontractors - validating that the need is relevant and the pricing is reasonable to help the Owner make informed quality decisions.

 Following construction, the experts from CASIOK continue to play crucial roles in the process.

  • CASIOK personnel assist in closing out contracts, incorporating any Change Orders, and getting Final Lien Releases from contractors and subcontractors.
  • CASIOK personnel expedite receiving Owner and Maintenance Manuals from suppliers and contractors.
  • CASIOK assists in getting “as-built” drawings from contractor.
  • CASIOK archives all photos and reports on compact discs for the Owner’s records.

Building Code Plan Review & Building Evaluation

In today’s fast-paced construction environment, there is more demand than ever to complete projects quicker.  Whether clients are trying to get a building permit in Los Angeles or Mayberry, things can be missed when producing a set of construction documents.  Third party plan reviews have been proven to uncover those “gotcha’s” that take you back to the drawing board.  Construction Administrative Services, Inc. of Oklahoma have also performed ICC existing building evaluations for renovations or change of occupancy. The Oklahoma construction administrative firm is a member of the International Code Counsel (ICC).

Pre-construction, CASIOK experts start planning from a managerial and economic standpoint.

  • CASIOK can assist the Owner and Design Team with feasibility and constructability studies.  They can also assist in the “Site Adapt” process -  coordinating with the Civil Engineer and coordinating utilities needed for project.
  • With ICC Certified Building Officials on staff, CASIOK has helped clients by catching potential code corrections before the building permit application.  The less your project gets bogged down in the plan review process, the quicker you can build.  CASIOK also offers Permit Expediting.
  • CASIOK attends pre-construction and even pre-bid conferences as an Owner’s Representative.

 During construction, CASIOK keeps tabs on construction.

  • CASIOK offers jobsite visits to field verify building code compliance (also see Construction Inspection).

Construction Management & Administration

Although there is a fine line between a Construction Manager and a General Contractor, there is a line.  Simply put, the agency Construction Manager, or CM works for clients, the Owner and manages the subcontractors, who also work for clients.  The General Contractor, or GC works for himself and manages the subcontractors, who also work for him.  Construction Administrative Services Inc. of Oklahoma offers only agency CM services, because of the obvious benefits to the client,  the Owner.

Before construction even begins, CASIOK can help get the ball rolling in the right direction.

  • CASIOK ensures that designs are both aesthetically successful and responsive to project goals.
  • CASIOK performs life-cycle cost analyses and other reviews to maximize the return on client construction investment.
  • CASIOK coordinates client technology implementation strategy with client construction plan to assure that the client’s finished project will truly be equipped to meet their specific needs.
  • CASIOK develops progress schedules and budgets, along with systems to track them.
  • CASIOK can review designs while in progress to assure constructability with minimal changes and fewer problems in the field.

CASIOK experts provide assist during construction to keep the ball rolling in the right direction.

  • CASIOK assures that all contractors, subcontractors, and other participants fully understand the project's design and requirements at every stage.
  • CASIOK delivers timely and clear reports to the clients concerning construction progress, milestones, and other elements.
  • CASIOK manages the change order process for maximum effectiveness while minimizing delay and costs.
  • CASIOK monitors the construction process to anticipate difficulties and resolve issues early to keep the work flowing.
  • CASIOK administers progress payments to assure that work milestones are being met and that all current expenses are paid in a timely manner.
  • CASIOK construction management experts assure that the contractor provides a safe workplace - both for project workers making renovations as well as for individuals who continue to use the facility during construction.
  • CASIOK construction administrative specialists eliminate the need to retain increased staff after the "burst" of construction activities - thereby reducing future operating and payroll costs when the construction has been completed.
  • CASIOK construction experts coordinate the final stages of construction - including contractors’ punch lists and similar tasks that must be completed - often in a very compressed time period, before the client project is closed out.

Construction Administration Services, Inc. of Oklahoma bring start-to-finish expertise.

Constructive Administrative Services, Inc. of Oklahoma are excited to provide the utmost construction management plan service as well as construction inspections in help keep client projects on track. Not limited to locations in Tulsa and Oklahoma City, OK, CASIOK is also pleased to provide their expertise to construction sites in Dallas, Texas and Houston, Texas for the most successful construction projects in the Lone Star state. Northeast of the hub in Northeastern Oklahoma, CASIOK is also pleased to provide service such areas as Little Rock, Arkansas as well as St. Louis and Kansas City, Missouri. Explore the site to read testimonials from the construction management company’s many satisfied customers or feel free to contact CASIOK with any question you may have about the construction administration company.